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Goth Daddy/Mama Snapback

Goth Daddy/Mama Snapback

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Introducing our Goth Daddy/Mama Snapback Hat - because regular couple hats are too mainstream. Get ready to rock the goth scene with our side-splittingly awesome hats, available in two equally fabulous variations: Goth Daddy and Goth Mama. Because who said goths can't have a sense of humor?

🤘 Features that Scream "We're Not Like Other Couples"

Superior Material (Not That You Care): Crafted from the finest materials, this hat will withstand all your brooding moments and still look fabulous.

Dual Design Drama: Are you the brooding Goth Daddy or the mysterious Goth Mama? Choose your title and let the world know - or confuse them. We're not here to judge.

Embroidered Elegance (But Still Dark AF): Delicate embroidery adds a touch of sophistication, just in case someone questions your commitment to the goth aesthetic.

Adjustable Fit (Because Labels Are Confining): The snapback closure lets you adjust your hat to fit any head size - because who wants a hat that doesn't get them?

Unisex Sass: Designed to be effortlessly stylish for both goth daddies and mamas, because who cares about gender norms in the goth realm?

🦇 The Perfect Gift for Couples Who DGAF

Surprise your dark half with these matching goth hats. Whether it's an anniversary or just a Tuesday, these hats make the perfect statement. Because nothing says love like a shared disdain for the mundane.

🕷️ How to Order (If You're into That Sort of Thing):

Pick your poison: Goth Daddy or Goth Mama.
Add to cart - or don't. We're not your mom.
Receive your hat and unleash your dark humor on the world.
Elevate your gothic couple game with our goth mama & daddy hats. Because in the grand scheme of life, why be ordinary when you can be gloriously dark and hilarious? 🖤😂

Size guide

  A (inches) B (inches) C (inches) D (inches)
One size 20 ½-24 ¼ 4 ½ 2 ⅝ 7 ⅛
  A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm)
One size 52-61.5 11.5 6.7 18
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