About Us

🤘Welcome to the BLEGH!🤘

Hey there, fellow headbangers! I'm Nathan, the lone wolf behind the madness here at Blegh Hats. Well, mostly lone – I've got some killer business partners scattered across the globe who help keep the chaos in check and the fullfilment on time.

Since early 2019, I've been whipping up Blegh Hats, crafting headwear that speaks to the souls of metalheads, goths, and emos alike. But it wasn't until 2023 that I decided to unleash the full force of the Blegh Hats brand upon the world with the launch of this epic website.

Here at Blegh Hats, we're not just about covering heads – we're about making a statement. Our hats are our bread and butter, our masterpiece in fabric form. But we're not stopping there – oh no. We've got a whole arsenal of merch up our sleeves, from badass t-shirts to cozy hoodies and everything in between. And you can bet your black eyeliner that we infuse every piece with a hefty dose of humor.

But Blegh Hats isn't just about looking cool (although, let's be real, we do that pretty damn well). We're also about giving back. Mental health is a cause close to our hearts, so we're on a mission to support mental health charities and spread some positivity in a world that sometimes feels like it's stuck in a never-ending breakdown.

So whether you're here to snag yourself a sick new hat, rock a killer tee, or just soak in the dark and delightful vibes, welcome to the Blegh family. We're glad to have you here, and we can't wait to see where this wild ride takes us. Let's keep it heavy and keep on Blegh-ing! 🤘🖤