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Blegh Beanie

Blegh Beanie

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Introducing the LATEST design of the Blegh Beanie – because your head deserves an upgrade as epic as the latest breakdown! 🎸

Picture this: your favorite metalhead friend opens a package, expecting the usual band tees. Surprise! It's the Blegh Beanie, a beanie so epic it makes headbanging mandatory and casual head nods a thing of the past. 

Crafted from materials as tough as a guitarist's calluses, this beanie doesn't just keep your noggin warm – it turns it into a headbanging masterpiece. The iconic "blegh" design is like a secret handshake for metal enthusiasts, ensuring instant camaraderie in the midst of a face-melting breakdown.

Not just your typical beanie – it's a headpiece of mass distortion, a cozy declaration of your undying love for deathcore, metalcore, and djent. Perfect for live shows, band rehearsals, or just chilling with your metal tribe. 🤟

But wait, there's more! It's not just a fashion statement; it's a declaration of war against mundane gifts. Give the gift of guttural laughter and epic style to your metalhead mates. 

Why settle for ordinary gifts when you can gift-wrap the extraordinary? Dive into the abyss of metal fashion, crank up the volume, and let the Blegh Beanie turn your cart into a portal of metal mayhem. Grab the NEW 2024 design now, and get ready to gift your metalhead comrades the surprise of their riff-loving lives! 🎁🤘

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Customer Reviews

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Love this beanie!

Love this beanie. I was so excited to find out it was embroidered, I expected it to be a vinyl print on.

Metal AF

This is now my favorite beanie 💚🖤